iOS Devices Don’t Restrict You To Core Social Networks

iOS social networks offer you and your friends an array of helpful and fun new social

Our social networks are largely dominated by the big two, Facebook and Twitter, and while they offer a variety of functionality, we are seeing more and more social network apps on iOS, filling the gap for our ever growing appetite for technology to provide shareable entertainment and discussions with our friends and co-workers.

Here are five iOS social network apps that are worth a look.

In no particular order, the first app we’re going to look at is:

1 – free

This is a cool little app.  What it offers is a service like SMS and MMS for you to connect with your co-workers, friends and family, but it works over the web so it does not incur text charges.  You can share text, videos and photos using your phone’s typically generous data allowance.

2 – free

This fun app enables you to create your very own private social network with your neighbours.  This app allows you to seek advice from your neighbour, and the privacy means you can’t check what people are saying about your business, but it’s great to stay connected with ‘nextdoor’.

3 – free

Viber is excellent on saving you some cash when it comes to calls, especially if your friends and family are living abroad!  If you and your friends both have the video app on your smartphone (also available for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry), it is a free way to make calls and send texts over the internet.  We might add, it also works over mobile and WiFi networks.

4 Friend – free

We all know that there are many web-based tools that help you keep track of followers on Social Media.  However, ‘Friend Check’ on your iPhone will show you daily changes as well as summaries like, how many folks who follow you on Facebook and Twitter have reciprocated!  It works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

5 Vine – free

Vine is one of Twitter’s latest innovations.  This service allows you to share short, looping videos for a maximum of 6 seconds.  Believe it or not, users have created some amazing videos in just 6 seconds, some even going viral!  You can explore them in the app, or watch a random selection at

All the best!

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