4 Quick Tips for Good Vine Marketing Videos

Vine six-second video clips have great scope for creativity, making them great marketing tools for your business.

Vine, a Twitter owned micro-video app is a great way to help promote your brand. The product taking social media by storm allows users to create six-second video clips that continually loop, helping to promote your business products and services.

Vine Logo

Quickly before we get into our 4 tips, you must not forget to get your custom vine URL for your business. You need to have at least two posts and your account needs to be active for at least 30 days. Your custom URL will make sharing your account more easy. To register your customer vine URL visit http://Vine.co/profiles, then log-in with your vine username and password. You can then choose your custom URL via the settings menu. Just a note, once you pick a custom URL, you will not be able to change it later so make sure you are happy with your chosen URL.

Be Funny and Innovative

First learn from what others have done and what people like! For example search YouTube for ‘Best Vine Compilations’. People love parodies of common everyday occurrence or events in popular culture. Incorporate children and animals as they are typically crowd pleasers. Don’t be afraid to try something different. What product or service do you have, what fun and innovative videos can you make for your Vine account?

Customer Videos

As part of a contest or just asking, get your customers to create videos that showcase or features your products. Make sure these videos include your @(username) and also add a specific hashtag so you can find them easily. Encourage your customers by featuring the best videos by Re-Vine (Re-Post) onto your business Vine account.

Share, Share, Share

There is a possibility that your Vine videos may go viral and be highly sought after by your target audience, but this will not happen every time! So make sure you share your Vine clips on all your social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook, etc. Engage your audience, ask them what they think of your video clips! If they like it they will share as well!

Vine Collaboration

Collaboration with other business or peers that are related to your field of business can help you gain more followers. Mixing with influences in your feed on Vine, will get you well on your way to expand your reach to your target audience.

So as you can see Vine is another great way to connect with your customer through social media! For more campaign ideas or for help on setting up a Vine strategy for your business speak with one of our social media consultants!

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