‘6 Top Tips for Maximising Social Media Content’

Social Media is an excellent form for businesses and brands to expand and attract a wider audience. As the Internet has become such an important part of modern living, and as new technologies continue to expand, Social Media is key in allowing businesses to both promote themselves in a variety of ways as well as communicate directly with their customers, allowing brands to continually improve and develop in the online space.

To ensure your business is getting the full benefits of maximising content for Social Media as well as using it to reach the intended audience, here are some tips from the team at Social Media Brand Experts.

  • Know your audience

Knowing your audience is vital for any business to be successful. Businesses can use Social Media and specific content to target the right people.  Not only can you target your intended demographic, but you can expand your reach by attracting new audiences. In addition to the standard methods of audience discovery such as focus groups and brand surveys, social media data can be used to learn more about your customers and potential customers. For example, Engagor, the social media monitoring software we use here at SMBE, is great for developing an in depth picture of a brand’s audience.


  • Expanding the conversation

Brands have a tendency to only talk about themselves – whilst marketing agents are keen to use Social Media to shout about how great products, services, features, and staff can be, this is not always information that customers want to hear about. The key is to branch out and discuss topics that are not directly around the businesses’ core products, but which would be considered compelling to your principal audience. For a great example of this, see General Electric’s #6SecondsScience campaign.


  • Communicating with customers

Social Media is a great way for customers to be able to share their opinions, explaining just how they find any new brands and products that your business may launch, whether wanting to voice either a positive or negative message. Your marketing team can then take on the comments and use them as another consumer feedback tool, actively making changes where needed. It allows you to respond directly to customer queries as well as informing them of any relevant business or product information.


  • Get creative

By being innovative, a brand can generate new ideas to attract a wider audience both on- and offline. The beauty of social networking is that it enables you to develop creative and fun ways of promoting products; uploading videos, pictures and creating competitions in which the customers can engage. Not only does this help to promote and market your brand but it portrays to customers the business is moving with new technologies and using a diverse range of creative media to promote themselves.


  • Providing value

Through promotion on social media, a brand can increase its value by providing additional benefits for the customers. Not only are followers gaining further information and building trust through a more direct form of social interaction, many forms of marketing can be entertaining and fun, such as the picture tweets sent by biscuit manufacturer Oreo reflecting current events in an entertaining way. The added value provided to customers can also be educational and cost saving, making sure that your brand is there with the customer at each step of the path to purchase.


  • Looking beyond Facebook and Twitter to other platforms

Being considered almost bywords for all forms of Social Media, Facebook and Twitter are the world’s two main social networks.  However, as social networking sites continue to grow, creating a variety of ways to connect socially with people around the world, you need to be aware of the other forms of Social Media. You need to understand the impact that platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ can have on developing connections in the social space, acknowledging other users, and allowing connection with existing customers through other media.

Maximising content for Social Media is not just about developing existing marketing posts, it is a way of engaging with followers and customers directly, putting the “social” back into social networking. Get in touch with Social Media Brand Experts today to find out how we can help your business to maximise your Social Media output!

Contact the SMBE team by tweeting us at @SMB_Experts, calling +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or emailing query@socialmediabrandexperts.com to find out how we can help your business to maximise your Social Media output!

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