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Corporate Videos

The Effectiveness of using Video in the Corporate World!

It is no surprise that on average we spend more than 8 hours each day in front of a screen. With the line…
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SMBE Video Marketing

An Essential Guide for Building your Brand with Video Marketing

Storytelling through video has become part of the content marketing toolkit for brands looking to create awareness within their market. Short-form videos are…
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Social Media Brand Experts (SMBE) Logo

Social Media Brand Experts continues strategic transformation!

SMBE continues strategic transformation with amalgamation of digital agency ‘Those Brand Guys’ The amalgamation now gives SMBE clients video and events services via…
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Social Media: What Procurement needs to know!

Over the years social media has become more and more prevalent in big business. I have found through consulting for FTSE 100 and…
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Fan Finder – For YouTube – Free service to find and connect your channel to new viewers

When Fan Finder identifies a possible ‘fan’ it shows an ad promoting your channel, before another video plays. Today we are going to…
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Social Media for Investor Relations… Really?

Yes! Really!  Social Media is ideal for investor relations.  Don’t think for a moment that investors, shareholders, analysts and bankers don’t use social…
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Social Media Best Practice

Running a business in the 21st century? Or simply living and breathing in the 21st century? Either way we would imagine it more…
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Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts when promoting your Facebook Page

Do’s You must create content that is sharable Any post you make, that is interesting and benefits your audience, is considered sharable content.…
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4 Quick Tips for Good Vine Marketing Videos

Vine six-second video clips have great scope for creativity, making them great marketing tools for your business. Vine, a Twitter owned micro-video app…
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Let’s Get Tweeting – Six Simple Rules

Increase your campaign success with these six simple rules for your business Twitter presence!
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