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Maximising Social Media for employment success

If you have ever found yourself on a less than efficacious job search, you will know how futile it can feel when you…
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Why companies can benefit from outsourcing Social Media Management

It is a sad fact of life. Customers are tired of unhelpful call centres leaving them spending hours on hold, only to be…
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So what does Social Media Crisis Monitoring look like?

Unfortunately, most new clients come to us a bit late when a crisis occurs.  Usually it is the day of the actual event…
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Social Media: What Procurement needs to know!

Do I need a Group-wide Social Media Strategy?

Do I need a group-wide social media strategy?  This is a question I get asked quite often as a Social Media Consultant.  In…
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The importance of aesthetics in Social Media – 3 best practice ideas

Whether you agree or not, quality design is now a key determining factor for all companies using Social Media. Thanks to the success…
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Three Quick Tips to Grow Your Blog Following

We all want to see our blog community grow. Providing key content, interesting material and making sure you’re up to date with your…
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iOS Devices Don’t Restrict You To Core Social Networks

iOS social networks offer you and your friends an array of helpful and fun new social networks. Our social networks are largely dominated…
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Tips on How to Gain Business Followers on Instagram

This blog will give you some quick tips on how to beef-up your Instagram account for your business. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest…
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Using social media to think outside the box

Having a great Twitter feed is not only an excellent way of raising your online profile, it can also help boost traffic to…
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Top Three Tips For A Successful Twitter Campaign

As of 2015 Twitter is home to 270 million active users worldwide. ( Making the network one of the biggest online marketing platforms…
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