Why companies can benefit from outsourcing Social Media Management

It is a sad fact of life. Customers are tired of unhelpful call centres leaving them spending hours on hold, only to be greeted with someone with minimal training who simply directs them into a local branch. This is why the last 12 months have seen a noted rise in online customer service, as individuals seek easier channels to voice their complaints and queries.  According to Smart Insights there are 2.3 billion active social media users, this is now at 31% of the entire world’s population, an increase of 10% year on year. The extent of potential customer reach through Social Media cannot be underestimated.

Increasingly companies are seeing the benefits of using Social Media platforms to share their message and better engage with their customers. But this action doesn’t come without a cost. Effectively managing differing Social Media streams, and creating content, takes up a large amount of time, time often that existing staff within companies are unable to provide. Outsourcing your company’s Social Media Management can provide many benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Action Plan

From the outset, it is worth establishing a plan for your Social Media programme. From content creation, communication, campaigns, direct positive engagement and dealing with customer complaints, it is worth planning in advance for any eventuality. The main benefit of using a third party Social Media Manager, is that after the initial plans are in place, they are able to implement a plan of action within an existing framework, without the need to refer back to your staff.

Control Access

Following the cautionary tale of the American company American Apparel and the unwise Tumblr messages it unfortunately posted (read more here), it is even clearer the importance of controlling access to your company’s Social Media accounts. By delegating to a third party, restriction of access to different online channels is more efficient than a business is able to provide by itself. Not only can a dedicated Social Media Manager regulate profile passwords, but they can require all posts get approval before going live or ban some individuals from publishing content altogether.

Monitor Outbound

With Social Media content coming from a variety of staff members, it is unfortunately possible that quality control will be absent. Even with replies to customer questions, having a single authoritative voice is of considerable benefit to boosting your company’s online voice. With outsourced Social Media Management, you can limit outbound content and replies to an experienced, unified voice, ensuring that responses are monitored at all times.


What customers take away from your Social Media streams should always be of importance. Analytical data and progress reports can benefit your business, as it gives a much clearer indication of how your company is engaging with the online community. Whether it is through positive feedback, good reviews and posts, sharing of content or even negative sentiment, a dedicated Social Media Manager can help decipher the information available on your business at any given time.

At Social Media Brand Experts, a dedicated Social Media agency, we see the increasing influence of how Social Media plays a key role in the global marketplace. Dedicated to all things social, we provide the experience, knowledge and expertise to help increase brand awareness, increase sales and create a good sentiment about your services and products.

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