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Social Media Crisis Management

Make sure to prepare for any eventuality. Use our consultancy team to help your business develop the necessary strategies and procedures to maximise your social media output in times of crisis.

In business, reputation is everything. Negative public perception of your brand or company can cause serious irreparable damage both for existing customers, as well as limiting the chance of gaining new business. In an increasingly digital age, this is now heightened, as radical transparency and high customer expectations are now commonplace among consumers, whatever the industry.

Our social media consultants provide the necessary framework for dealing with a crisis on social media, helping your business to review and implement processes that ensure your brand does not become another case study of “How not to act in a crisis”.

Recently, there have been several high profile examples of companies being severely criticised for lack of response and necessary communications in times of crisis, simply increasing the damage to brand reputation. Our team of social media experts provide the relevant insight to help use social media as the most effective means of real-time communications through any times of crisis with your business or industry.

Review processes

Our social media experts review any potential crisis management processes or strategies for social media, assessing the ways in which businesses can improve in certain key areas

Crisis management framework

Providing a comprehensive service, we help businesses to develop their crisis management strategies to maximise their use of social media as a B2C communications tool.

Industry relevant insight

Having worked with companies operating in a range of industries, from global travel brands to private medical centres, we provide crisis management consultancy with relevant insight into your area of the marketplace.

On-site consultancy

As well as providing consultancy support in times of business crisis, we offer on-site consultancy service to offer guidance to the people in your team who need it the most, from executives and business heads to social media marketing and customer care teams.

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