Effective Facebook Campaigns for Business!

Effective Facebook Campaigns for Business - SMBEA Facebook campaign, like any other marketing campaign, is one that should be planned effectively, have its own goals and be thoroughly monitored. As you know by now, social media is no longer a wilderness for business, but increasingly it allows for better customer engagement and the tracking of ROI in real time. For assessing how popular a campaign is, social media reputation monitoring provides up to date information, whether it is an offer, services or a new product.

Nielsen studies have shown that with rises in online purchasing, there was also a 46% rate of referral to social media, both directly and indirectly. As the global marketplace continues to shift into digital realms, more and more customers are relying on online reviews – of which social media outlets are but one facet. As a key social media platform, Facebook is unparalleled in its online reach to new users, and thus, potential new customers.

Below are a number of key components recommended for a successful Facebook campaign in order to successfully utilise brand engagement.

Start with a goal

The beginning of a campaign is a good place to start. Before running a campaign decide whether you want to gain more fan ‘likes’, direct them to your homepage, engage with your Facebook page or simply visit your business more, in situ.

Use of Facebook Ads

Facebook as a company provides a fantastic tool for easy advertising campaigns within its platform. Facebook Ads allow you to determine the content of the ad, how much money you are willing to invest and the target audience to which you want to advertise. Think also of making your adverts more appealing by offering discounts or free offers to specifically determined target audiences.

Providing access to free content via online form

Using an online form seeks to capture Facebook ‘likes’ and/or email addresses to build a fan base and subscriber list. Everyone likes free stuff. It’s a basic fact of life. Often offering free content such as downloads, vouchers and special offers, is enough to entice people to ‘like’ a page or sign up to a mailing list.

Run a competition

With a chance of winning amazing prizes, and when a selected winner comes from a company’s fans, it is only natural that people sign-up to something they otherwise wouldn’t have done.

Offer a discount or coupon for products and services

A Facebook centred promotion where followers will be given access to deals otherwise unavailable, is a good way to entice people to ‘like’ your page – people seeking the best deals and freebies can be played to your advantage.

Reduction offers – Such as 10% reduction for those who ‘like’ a page

Engage better by linking reduction offers to surveys and quizzes.

Offering something for free alongside existing offers and services

Why not offer great content for free when customers pay for something else?  For more expensive products, customers are more likely to pay up if they feel they’re getting a better offer.

Sweepstakes competition by ‘liking’ a page

When only your followers have access to giveaway offers, sweepstakes are a great lead generator, and can be entered by following your page by a certain date, or reaching a certain number in a given period.

Let fans decide where to donate money

i.e. “We will make a donation, e.g. 50p every time we get a new fan etc.” to a charity of our followers’ choosing, or getting in touch to define where money goes to a good cause. Once again it is about moving emphasis on to the followers. This heightens social media engagement rather than just updates from the business.

Every time someone “checks-in” at a place

Remember that your business can be linked as a place that people can visit – checking-in is not only a good way of sharing with friends your location, businesses can also use it as an incentive to raise brand awareness.

Set the visuals to link in with your campaign

Great design is a big part of any marketing campaign, and on Facebook this is no different. Before starting a campaign, set your cover and profile picture to link in visually – remember, the more eye-catching the better.

Whilst this list is a great starter for any business thinking about running Facebook campaigns, it is far from being an exhaustive list. Each individual brand and business has its own unique selling point, and it is this that will draw in your customers. Finding a voice, being approachable and being visually adept are all key starters to marketing campaigns, whether in the High Street or on the Internet. A successful campaign should be seeking people, not numbers.

If you have any questions or want help in creating an effective Facebook campaign strategy for your business, contact Social Media Brand Experts (SMBE) on query@socialmediabrandexperts.com, +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or through Twitter @SMB_Experts.

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