Effective Twitter Tips for Business

Since it was launched in July 2007 and it is fair to say that in the years since, Twitter has become something of a global phenomenon. Reaching millions of tweets per day, Twitter is clearly one of the best placed to be developing an online Social Media footprint.

From June 2011, Twitter has offered businesses, both large and small, the opportunity to reach customers via their self-serve advertising system – a combination of Twitter Ads and Promoted Tweets.

As with every Social Media platform, there are ways to succeed and ways to fail at using Twitter effectively for your business. Here are a few quick tips to help your business achieve marketing success with Twitter.


Secure Your Name

So what’s in a name? Before you even start, setting the right user handle on twitter (for example @SMB_Experts) can be crucial – it is easier for people to search and interact with an easily remembered handle.


Maintain a non-annoying frequency

Exciting as it can be to start tweeting, your business will need to decide on a regular pattern of how often to tweet so that followers do not get swamped with information. Just a few tweets a day at most will remind customers that your business is engaged, but not too eager – remember that it is the quality of the tweets that matter, not the quantity.


Have a Twitter action plan

Why are you using Twitter? What do you intend to use it for? What does your business hope to get out of it? What content will you be promoting? All valid questions, but strangely when a company begins a programme of Social Media engagement, having a plan of action, crisis management and content calendar can often be things that get overlooked.


Keep your ears open

The world of Twitter is subject to ever changing trends, and so it pays for your business to keep abreast of what’s happening across the globe. Inclusion of popular hashtags and keywords into your tweets is one way of making sure your business maintains a high rate of “impressions” – the combined number of potential users that see an interaction with your username.


Avatars, Backgrounds and Profile Headers

Throughout Social Media, the aesthetics of web design have never been more important, particularly for businesses. Help to define your brand with use of clear, iconic visuals for Avatar, Background and Profile Headers, incorporating best quality logos and images into your profile.


Promoted tweets

Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from their existing followers. They are a great tool for businesses to further engage and raise awareness of existing activity and campaigns.


Don’t be afraid to get creative

Social Media as an entity thrives on creating and sharing new content, and when you start out, it can be off-putting for businesses to offer something different. Whether it be blogs, pictures, videos, competitions or infographics, don’t be afraid to try out new content to offer your followers something unusual and unlike anything they’ve seen before on the internet.


Give a Little to Get a Little

Through your Twitter interaction, try to keep self-promotion to a minimum, as in all Social Media, engagement is about taking an interest in what others are up to, and businesses are no exception. Promote other users with hashtags such as #FollowFriday to let others know that your business is worth getting to know.


Be Professional

Although it is important to have an appealing Social Media voice, it should be remembered that when promoting a business, you should be professional at all times. This means that in all areas of customer communications, you should know when and how to respond to followers of all types, responding proficiently and respectfully to others.


Verified accounts

Verification is currently used to establish authenticity of identities on Twitter. The verified badge helps users discover high-quality sources of information and trust that a legitimate source is authoring the account’s Tweets. Accounts that have a higher visit rate in key interest areas are more likely to be verified than those with a smaller online footprint.


For all of the potential that Twitter offers as an online platform, your business should remember that Twitter users want you to know what they’re thinking, not their location. This is not an analytical data stream about customers, but a direct access into their world. Social Media Monitoring is a great tool, but engagement of some description should follow. The businesses that use Twitter to engage the most effectively are the ones who have succeeded in this regard.

To learn more about social media account creation, monitoring and management for your business, contact the SMBE team by tweeting us at @SMB_Experts, calling +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or emailing query@socialmediabrandexperts.com.

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