The Effectiveness of using Video in the Corporate World!

VideoIt is no surprise that on average we spend more than 8 hours each day in front of a screen. With the line between technology and humans getting increasingly blurred, the use of video content to deliver any form of message between one another is more than ever a natural medium. Statistics highlight that by 2019, 80% of the World’s Internet traffic will be video.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be using videos in your corporate communications:

  1. Impact

Corporate communications can sometimes be bland and monotonous. However, injecting your message with highly visual video content will undoubtedly make your audience sit up and listen. An impactful message, delivered through an interruptive medium makes for a highly optimised message. It is a proven fact that our brains respond more effectively to communication which combines visual and audio stimuli. Statistics demonstrate consumers are up to 85% more likely to make a purchase if video is involved in their buying experience.

  1. Reach

With video content comes extremely high levels of shareability. A strong factor supporting this point is the ease of sharing video content, as opposed to sharing large text documents. The more inclined users are to share your content, the greater the potential reach, therefore maximising your content’s exposure.

  1. Emotion

Relating to individuals on a personal and emotional level through the use of text is an extremely hard task. However, the use of visual content, especially moving visual content, provides you with the perfect opportunity to relate to your audience on a personal and emotional level. The delivery of powerful video content provides your audience with belief.

  1. Transparency

Video allows for the effective delivery of inspirational and motivational material, two fundamental elements to effective leadership. It is important to make your communication believable, and with this comes transparency. With the use of video, it is simple to deliver an honest message to your audience, instead of hiding behind jargon in a text heavy document.

If you have any questions or want help in creating an effective corporate video or video marketing strategy, contact Social Media Brand Experts (SMBE) on, +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or through Twitter @SMB_Experts.

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