An Essential Guide for Building your Brand with Video Marketing

SMBE Video MarketingStorytelling through video has become part of the content marketing toolkit for brands looking to create awareness within their market.

Short-form videos are increasingly being used on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook – what’s great about these is that they allow you to use bite-sized engagement to tell your story. As Twitter has done with micro-blogging, these platforms force short-form storytelling by limiting the length of the video clip. They are also conducive to sharing, making them perfect for branding.

Video is the way forward for building a sustainable brand, with 82% of marketers confirming that video has a positive impact on their business. These statistics illustrate the need to move from text to video content, to aid in the construction of your brand image.

Follow our essential 5-point guide to building your brand with video marketing:

1) Understand the difference between a conversion video and a brand building video. Conversion videos are designed to drive sales whereas brand building videos are designed to generate conversation and get people to subscribe to a YouTube channel. Do not confuse the two – your video strategy needs a clearly defined goal.

2) Make your videos accessible – it is crucial that you make your videos accessible and shareable so your message can travel as far as possible, use multiple video hosting sites, not just YouTube

3) Tell great stories – storytelling is the way you build a brand. Storytelling isn’t a one way press release, it’s about give and take. You need to know: what your brand’s narrative is, what experience you offer, what is the human element which sets you apart, and what features or benefits about your product moves your audience. The best videos make you feel something.

4) Know your audience – if you try to speak to everyone, no one will listen. Understanding your audience allows you to know how far you can push the boundaries, who you should be targeting and who you can ignore.

5) Be bold – you have to do something to be seen that puts you above the marketing chatter, just make sure it works for your brand and your audience, or you could risk alienating customers.

Having a well thought out content marketing strategy is all well and good, but without a trusting audience who is loyal to your brand, you almost need not bother. Here at SMBE we value the importance of video and the increasing demand to build your brand using video content.

Get in touch today for further assistance and to learn how video can benefit your brand.

Best of luck!

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