We are a world leader in bespoke Social Media Customer Care centres

Social Media Brand Experts has designed and developed Europe’s first outsourced social media customer care and crisis management centre.  Our facility allows us to provide 24/7 social media customer care.

The award winning Social Media Brand Experts' head office is located in the business district of Canary Warf in London.  Our outsourced customer care facility in Hampshire houses Europe’s best in class state-of-the-art outsourced Social Media Rapid Response Customer Service and Crisis Management Centre, designed by our consultants to be able to provide round the clock social media customer service across a range of platforms.

Our Social Media Customer Service Centre is run from a central server connected by high-speed internet lines and includes a state-of-the-art customer service phone system.  There is a 3g mobile device fail-safe back-up should the high speed internet lines fail. Daily backups are taken off-site overnight and we have 24/7 network and service monitoring.

There are 8 large monitors displaying real-time social media data and each social media customer service specialist is equipped with a bespoke computer and a minimum of 2 monitors.  The centre also has a further 4 TVs that display national and international news thereby enabling our specialists to monitor any mention of our clients during crisis situations.

At Social Media Brand Experts we know the main potential risk to service delivery is a break in the supply of power (electricity) and telephone lines.  All our equipment is run with battery back-up and our emergency generator is always on standby to provide short to medium term cover giving us a 99.98% up-time for our clients.

Door access control, CCTV, and a burglar alarm system protect our proprietary systems, data and importantly our staff as well as other physical assets.