Fan Finder – For YouTube – Free service to find and connect your channel to new viewers

When Fan Finder identifies a possible ‘fan’ it shows an ad promoting your channel, before another video plays.

Today we are going to share a quick blog with you, and it is about a wonderful free product to promote your YouTube channel called “Fan Finder”. Fan Finder is a YouTube service that will find and connect your YouTube channel to new prospects (viewers). When the service finds a potential new fan, it will show your video ad in the hope that the fan will click over and explore your YouTube channel, ultimately becoming a follower.


So how do you create your very own Fan Finder video? Simple! The video cannot be longer than 2 minutes, but studies show us that viewers have a short attention span, so keep it to 30-45 seconds for the best results.

Here are some quick tips when creating your Fan Finder videos!

  1. Quickly introduce your channel. Hook them in so they want to learn more.
  2. Remember viewers can skip your ad after 5 seconds, so make it entertaining, use teasers about your channel and its content, and don’t make it too corporate!
  3. Always have a strong call to action! Tell them why your channel is right for them!
  4. Use your branding throughout the video so subconsciously they will remember your brand even if they do not click through straight away.

Now that you understand best practice and how Fan Finder works, create your special promotion video then visit:

Good luck!

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