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Social Media for Human Resources

Learn how the different audiences available on social media can help grow your workforce. Our consultants enable businesses to leverage social media to gain the widest selection of potential candidates.

Talent acquisition is a key concern in today’s increasingly saturated job market. As global populations continue to grow, it can be harder and harder to identify the right people to join your team. Our consultancy team provide the necessary insights and tools to help any business gain suitable applications for any vacancy.

Statistics from BLR (Business and Legal Resources) indicated that over 60% of HR departments intended to increase their social media output, and this trend is expected to continue as the global social networking phenomenon continues. In order to leverage the best candidates from the market, exploring a specifically HR presence in social media, is a must for any growing enterprise brand.

Recruiting agencies are already leveraging the power of platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to benefit their own recruitment initiatives, and so our experienced team of social media consultants provide the insight to enable HR teams to successfully leverage the tools available for their own activities.

Increase reach

We can help companies seeking to recruit. Through harnessing the power of social media, HR departments can exponentially increase the reach of job postings and recruitment campaigns.

Discover new audiences

Through targeted promotions, social media can benefit HR by allowing the right vacancies to reach the right candidates, positioning to suitable individuals through keywords or location.

Recruitment drives

Following department restructures, it is sometimes necessary to recruit several individuals for a team simultaneously. Social media can help direct potential candidates to a range of vacancies.

Organic campaign growth

Our team assist companies to use the “word of mouth” power of social media to spread HR initiatives through both organic and viral marketing techniques.

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