The importance of aesthetics in Social Media – 3 best practice ideas

Whether you agree or not, quality design is now a key determining factor for all companies using Social Media. Thanks to the success of the Apple Corporation, particularly that of its iconic logo, excellent design has now become the standard amongst businesses of every kind. Whether a small or larger service provider, companies are now realising that people are looking to buy aesthetically beautiful furniture, carry their phones in trendy cases and frequent the coolest looking businesses on the block. Whether you reside on a street or in the online community – everything associated with your company needs to be well designed.

When it comes to Social Media, the visual is king. Particularly for businesses, the look and feel of a Social Media outlet such as Twitter or Facebook can affect how your customers view your brand. With the addition of platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, the way in which your company engages with its customers through Social Media, is increasingly through the visual medium. Whether it is through logos, videos, pictures or blogs, how your brand is viewed in the local and online community is very much through the way they are aesthetically presented. This includes branding, website design and profile pictures, cover photos, infographics and backgrounds for all Social Media networks. Excellent design tells the audience the business is reliable, detail-orientated, and exceptional. Most importantly, it translates to telling them that all the hard work put into your business, will be instilled into their business.

Successful companies are now seeing the benefit of boosting their Social Media and online presence with the power of strong aesthetics. With today’s competitive prices it is even easier to find affordable designers who provide quality products to businesses without breaking the bank.

Remember these three best practice ideas when striving for good design in your Social Media, as the visual impact your company projects will often play a long-term deciding role when customers come to choose a brand.

  1. Keep it simple

Don’t overcomplicate things – plain backgrounds and simple logos are easier to navigate for potential customers, when looking for a prospective brand.  The one with the best image, will often be the one people choose.

  1. Be uniqueaesthetics in Social Media

The best examples of successful Social Media profiles are ones that display an individual character and voice online. How you portray your company through your images and videos helps to define how customers see your brand, and so creating a unique online presence will help convince people that your business is doing something different from your competitors.

  1. Be memorable

We live in a society that is suffering from serious information overload. Statistically people now are only likely to remember 20% of what you tell them, and with people seemingly having less time to read and listen, never has there been a time more appropriate for a picture to say a thousand words.

It is important to recognise the power that aesthetics have in reaching clients from both B2B and B2C markets.

Contact us for information on how Social Media Brand Experts can help define visuals for your company, and find out what an important part aesthetics can have in defining your Social Media presence.

I hope you have found these tips helpful, and of course please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



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