Instagram contests are a great way to encourage your fans!

We will look at six simple steps to help you build an effective Instagram contest.

The image-based social media platform Instagram, just like Twitter and Facebook, is ideal for contests to engage audiences and increase your account’s fan-base. Below you will find six-steps to make your Instagram contest a stunning success.

Contest Theme and Prize

Think of a theme for your contest. It should relate to your business, and make sure it can carry across to the headers of your other social platforms to cross promote your Instagram campaigning. The prize for your contest should relate to your business, e.g. if you are a travel company, give away a city break or tropical holiday. The size of the prize should relate to the difficulty of the contest.

Select your contest method

Contest entry methods on Instagram can include simple things like: Following your account or to ‘like’ an image. You can also have a re-post image contest and an app such as Regram can help with this. For greater interaction ask users to post an image, photo or video.

Launch your Contest

When you launch your contest on Instagram make sure your title grabs attention and that it has a call to action. This will help to gain the most entrants possible. A photo of the prize also helps to encourage people to enter. Always describe how to enter and incorporate the prize info in the description – include a short paragraph with information on the prize terms and conditions, restrictions if any, and always have a clickable link to your bio.


Measuring your Instagram contests is a must! After you run a few different contests you will get a better idea of what works well and not so well. Use hashtags to quickly and easily track what images are shared, making sure when you select a campaign hashtag that has not been used before! You can use software like Engagor to track your contest, and also use Wooboy or Wishpond which are Instagram contest web apps for real-time campaign reacting. These apps helps to see campaign entries, track views and conversation rates.

Socially Promote your Instagram Contest

Never forget the power of social and digital media. Don’t forget to use these channels to promote your Instagram contest. Although you may have a large organic reach through your Instagram account; use e-mail contacts, add a banner to your website, and a custom tab on your Facebook page to help promote your contest. Remember to use @mention and/or hashtags to help spread the word about the contests.

Contest Completion

Just because the contest closes it must be noted that there are some important steps to wrap everything up in a timely manner. Immediately showcase winning images on your social channels, and of course on your Instagram account. Share a short video on how you chose the winning image. Finally post teasers for upcoming contests to keep your followers checking the account for updates.

These six simple steps can help you gain new followers and keep your existing audience coming back time and time again! You are now well equipped to be on your way to your next contest. If you have specific questions, reach out to the Social Media Brand Experts .

Good Luck!

The Team at Social Media Brand Experts

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