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Social Media for Investor Relations

Leverage social media to improve online relationships with investors and influencers. Our experienced consultants know the benefits of communicating and monitoring IR mentions in real-time.

Developing a good understanding of any marketplace is one of the keys to succeeding and improving upon the efforts of your competitors. In order to truly understand the investment market, we can help your business to monitor social media effectively, gaining insight into your industry, your stock rating, your competitors and key executives within your organisation. Social media monitoring helps you discover comment above and beyond traditional forms of investor communications.

Our consultancy allows businesses to use social media to foster a spirit of reactivity and transparency. Through event monitoring and real-time insight, combined with live-posting from corporate events, companies are able to recognise the change in sentiment about their brands, seeing the effect that negative commentary can play upon investor relations as it happens.

Event monitoring

Social media allows companies to effectively listen in to conversations and comment about events as they happen. We help companies to understand sentiment around their earnings calls in real-time.

Real-time insight

Our consultants can provide analysis and feedback around what investors and financial commentators are saying in real time. Core messages can accordingly be amended quickly and efficiently.

Establish market trends

Through effective monitoring and analysis, as consultants we can help your business to scope the social media landscape to recognise shifts in the market place.

Effective communication

Social networks such as Twitter provide another useful tool to directly engage with investors and the media, allowing a quick and easy platform to communicate relevant business information.

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