Is Facebook advertising right for my local business?

There are now over 60 million business pages on Facebook globally

Are you a local business owner? Have you been approached by so called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts promising to make your website ‘found’ and ‘ranked high organically’ on search engines? Well if your answer is ‘yes’ and you actually tried one of these experts, you were most likely disappointed with only a few, if any new business leads at all.

Although we do believe in aspects of proper SEO for websites, any tangible results typically take between 6 and 12 months for significant ranking for your target keywords. Don’t be fooled by agencies that say, ‘look we have your website ranked in first position when searching for your company name’, well so what?

If you have a pizza shop called ‘Jack’s Pizza Shack’ and you just opened, people are not going to know your business name just yet. They will take to Facebook and Google and search for ‘Pizza Shop’ etc… So if Jack’s is not ranked high in organic keyword searches under ‘pizza shop’ his website won’t be found, SEO takes time, don’t be fooled by so called SEO experts.

Try Facebook for business

When we ask local businesses what the number one thing they need for their survival, they say ‘warm sales leads’ and ‘customers’.

Facebook is ideal for local businesses, it only takes a few moments to set-up  your Facebook Business Page. If you have not already set-up your Facebook Business Page, go to and choose your page type.  Most likely you will pick ‘Local Business or Place’, you will then be prompted to choose a business ‘category’. Then you can add your profile picture, a cover photo, and a description of what your business is about.

Tip: You can use a tool like Canva to help create your cover photo.

You will then need to create a ‘username’ which helps people find your Facebook page. You may need to try a few combinations as you can’t have a username that’s already in use by someone else.

You’ll then need to post some content on your page e.g. a photo of your shop, products, staff, food… with a brief amount of text telling people about what’s in the photo! Then you are ready for business.

Facebook Business Manager

You will need a ‘Business Manager’ account to manage your Facebook Ads, Visit and click ‘Create Account’. Then log in with your personal Facebook details, then add your business name, your name, your business email and then click on ‘Business Settings’ to add your business page to your business manager account.

On the left-hand side, you’ll see icons, hover over ‘Pages’ then click on ‘Add New Pages’ and ‘Add Page’. Start to type in your business page name and it will be populated automatically.

Then you will need to create a ‘New Ad Account’, put in the required details e.g. time zone, currency etc. You are now set to start advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Boosted Posts

Now you are ready to try one of Facebook’s easiest advertising methods, ‘Boosting A Post’.

You can boost your post for as little as £1/day for 7 days, a very cost-effective way to try your hand at Facebook advertising.

If ‘Jack’s Pizza Shack’ wanted to try their first boosted post they could show a picture of a family eating at his restaurant and say ‘Kids eat free this Tuesday’ or ‘Like Jack’s Pizza Shack Facebook page if you think family nights are fun for your family’, thus you’re building brand equity.

When you go to ‘Boost’ your post, Facebook gives you a number of ‘Targeting Audiences’ options to narrow your Ads so they can reach your target audience. You can Geo-target by selecting a target radius around your business 10 or 15 miles, etc.

This is a very quick, cost effective and smart way to promote your business to your local community! You won’t be disappointed!

If you have any questions on how to scale your LinkedIn advertising or need help with your first ad campaign, get in touch with our Facebook manager at You can also reach us on +44 (0) 208 004 4545.

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