Let’s Get Tweeting – Six Simple Rules

Increase your campaign success with these six simple rules for your business Twitter presence!

Before you plunge right in and just tweet away your next Twitter marketing campaign, it is best to look at a few successful brand accounts on Twitter! One company that is worth looking at is Innocent Drinks (@Innocent).

innocent Twitter

Innocent Drinks is an excellent example of a brand on Twitter. It has a great personality that is reflected in its posts. Innocent tweets about promotions, shares photos, videos and illustrations with an upbeat personality and is quick to engage with its customers.

Step 1: Keep it real

Just a few years ago consumers idolised brands, but today they are more atune to your corporate speak and jargon and have become even more suspicious of your actions. Keep your tweets authentic and real. Be happy and interested in your customer’s needs. Don’t write with corporate jargon. Keep it conversational and fun.

Step 2: Listen and Engage

Don’t just push out tweets, listen to your customers and follow influencers in your market. Don’t use Twitter as another broadcast medium like a PR newswire. It must be about listening and talking with your customers!

Step 3: Use and Read your Analytics

There are all sorts of analytics software out there, including Twitter’s simple analytics at Ads.Twitter.com. Here this page will help you to better
understand what is successful! For corporate use we suggest using a software program called Engagor (now part of Clarabridge). Social Media Brand Experts gives Engagor a 5 out of 5 stars when it comes to useful and easy to understand analytics that will move your company forward. There are other providers that produce good analytics including Radian6 (now part of SalesForce), Sysomos and SproutSocial.

Step 4: It is not just a Marketing Channel

You are very much mistaken if you think your Twitter channel is just a one way marketing channel! If your Twitter channel is just pushing out marketing messages or campaigns, you will struggle to retain followers. Use good humour, tweet facts and tips, funny things and even industry news. If your followers trust you to bring them well rounded information, they will stay and recommend your feed to their friends!

Step 5: No one likes Negativity!

If you get into a verbal disagreement at your favourite pub or restaurant a limited number of people will hear about it. However if you get in a disagreement with someone on Twitter, not only will all your followers and their followers know about it, it could be shared and go viral, causing your PR department to field press calls and causing potential significant brand damage! Avoid being pulled into negative conversations, take it offline, e-mail or private chat.

Step 6: Don’t overdo the Praising

Everyone likes to receive praise! But simply put, don’t retweet every good praise you get, this will flood your followers feeds and although a few of these praise tweets are good to reinforce your brand, just remember no one likes the person in the office who says they are ‘so good’ all the time. The same goes for your Twitter feed!

These six simple steps will get you well underway for great positive engagement and praise from you customers/followers. Remember, keep it simple, fun, 2 way conversation and good old common sense! Over time you will see continued growth of your Twitter following. For more information and social media tips subscribe to our blog at https://www.socialmediabrandexperts.com/blog/

All the best,

The Social Media Brand Experts Team

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