The Need for Speed with Social Media Customer Support!

The value of 24/7 Social Media Customer Support

The voice of the consumer has never been so powerful.

You can offer the very best in customer care, but if you are not there at the beck and call of your customers when they need you, your customer care efforts could be wasted. The presence of 24/7, or out of office hours customer care services, is a vital element to any consumer facing brand.

Consumers are more demanding than ever. With customer service expectations skyrocketing it is extremely important for organisations and brands, both consumer facing as well as business to business, to be on top of customer care as well as providing efficient, around the clock care and support to those interacting with your brand. Whether it is simply engagement at a very basic level, through questions and queries, or more complex customer issues, such as a lost item of luggage at a holiday destination, it is paramount for your social media customer support team to be on hand at all times to deal with any level of care they may require.

A survey by software provider Conversocial gave some interesting statistics about the growing importance of social networks for providing customer service, with 78% respondents indicating that social media would become the next tier of customer service. The younger generation is already utilising the available technology for this purpose, with nearly 60% of 18-24 year olds already benefitting from using social media for customer service.

As social platforms operate in real-time, users are coming to expect a quicker response as a result. In Conversocial’s report, with 51% of individuals anticipating a reply on Facebook the same day, a figure that rises to 83% on Twitter.

Determining your brand or organisation’s social media customer care operation hours is definitely not a one size fits all policy. For those business to business brands it is more likely that the use of office hours will support your customers sufficiently, but this is set to change. However, if your brand is consumer facing and deals with a high volume of customer engagement both online and off, it may be valuable for you to consider extending these hours in order to offer your consumers a consistently high standard and immediate customer service solutions.

Consumers are online and active 24/7 and there is an urgent and constant demand for your brand to be equally as active.

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