A world renowned UK Airline required a renewal of online interest in their brand from both existing and future customers.



Despite over 1 million airline customers per year, the social media following was incredibly low and disengaged.


Through a mixture of outreach methods to the planespotting community, existing customers and users targeted on interests in holidays to more exotic destinations, we sought to reach new audiences on social media.  This was combined with 4 major competitions across a 3 month campaign, driving both follower numbers and interactions. Social Media Brand Experts used post-based, rather than app-based competitions, helping to increase the organic reach of competition posts, gaining new followers from friends and families of existing followers. The campaign was tied to a major re-branding of the airline, and provided a new sense of optimism within the company surrounding their digital footprint.


A three month campaign for a UK Airline at the start of 2014 led to an increase in Twitter following of 255%, and gained 4,708 new fans for the attendant Facebook page. Running 4 major competitions in this time, one of which gained nearly 10,000 entries on Facebook alone, Social Media Brand Experts’ successful campaign gained over 37,800 interactions across the time period.