The provision of a social media training programme was required for small and medium sized business owners and representatives within the Birmingham area of the UK.



The Aston Programme for Small Business Growth required social media training for local business owners and representatives from the Birmingham area.


Social Media Brand Experts planned and implemented a custom-built 3 hour training session around 4 main workshops – Introduction to Social Media, Developing Platforms, Social Media Engagement and Social Media Customer Care. These workshops were streamlined to focus on using social media to grow small to medium sized enterprise businesses (SMEs), leveraging the online reach that a presence across the various social networks can provide. Using a blend of humour, statistical analysis and short form video, the training session equipped the candidates to respond to a range of customer queries, plan both content and campaigns, and realise the effectiveness of monitoring social media chatter surrounding their respective industries and areas of business.


99% of the candidates for the training course said the day was either “Very Good” or “Excellent” in their feedback for the event. The training course provided candidates with the knowledge of how best to use social media to increase brand awareness, gain followers, and ultimately, to grow their business.

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