Park Authority


The operating authority for one of the most iconic spots on the English South Coast required social media to support sustainable travel methods throughout the National Park.



Promoting the use of sustainable transport methods within the New Forest National Park, promoting brand awareness and driving sales of seasonal bus routes.


In order to promote the seasonal bus services within the New Forest National Park, Social Media Brand Experts was retained to provide a 3 month summer campaign to increase both sales and brand awareness. The project also served as a method of testing the effectiveness of social media in influencing travel around the New Forest, gaining insights and data which can be used for continued effectiveness for future campaigns. Our approach towards this project was to use a range of methods including targeted advertising, simultaneous PPC campaign, pro-active engagement and running 5 competitions throughout the 3 month time period.


Social Media Brand Experts achieved a 60.9% rise in the number of followers across the client’s accounts, maintaining an average of 0.5% negative sentiment. There were a total of 17,531 interactions on social media throughout the campaign, with 47,382 visits to the website for the main product (The New Forest Tour), of which 30% (14,423 visitors) were attributable to the work of Social Media Brand Experts. Additionally, Social Media Brand Experts pro-actively tweeted to 200 Twitter users, offering a range of services running throughout the summer period.

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