One of the most established and iconic names in travel wanted to develop a comprehensive social media monitoring programme to better understand customer conversations happening about their brands on social media



A globally recognised travel company required real time insight into discussions about their business happening on social media. Despite running over 15 customer facing brands in the UK alone, no central social media monitoring programme was in place, meaning the company was limited in their understanding of online reputation surrounding their brands.


Social Media Brand Experts compiled an extensive list of the travel group’s social media accounts, covering the vast online footprint of the company’s EU source markets. Our research helped the company’s group heads to understand the wide reach of their social media footprint, hitherto an unknown quantity due to the lack of a centralised monitoring programme.

Our team of experts established the important keywords to be monitored in connection with their brand, reporting daily to key individuals within the business on social media activity, specifically within the UK, and also across the whole group. The ability to identify negative sentiment, and establish complaint type via category, enabled department heads to address issues raised by customers not previously solved by colleagues within their 27,000 strong work force.

With 22 million customers travelling with the company annually, instant alerts needed to be set up to key operations teams in relation to potential threats which could have affected the business. This ranged from monitoring social media for up to date information surrounding flight delays, incidents at resorts, or potential terror threats which could have had a substantial impact on operations.

The additional provision of a monthly group report helped C level executives within the company to gain a good level of understanding about the online trends, individual brand successes, influencers and demographic data surrounding their company and its place within the global travel industry.


Effective social media monitoring helped the travel brand to reduce negative sentiment from 22% to 1% in just 3 months, part of which was attributed to the identification of customer complaints on Twitter that did not directly address any of the company’s profiles. The monitoring provided by Social Media Brand Experts was linked to the work being carried out by the social media customer care teams from across the UK and additional source markets, part of a conscious restructuring and streamlining of the travel group’s internal communications.