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Reputation Monitoring

Effective social media monitoring provides customers with the insights to understand and engage with the digital landscape, including bloggers, forum gurus or end users such as individual customers.

Monitoring helps you see social media conversations through blogs, social networks and micro-blogging services to forums, video sites and media sources.  Social Media Monitoring also enables you to protect your brand from reputation damage and against potential threats to your business, staff and customers.

Social Media Customer Care Centre

As Social Media Brand Experts, we know that good social media reputation monitoring is instrumental in helping our clients gain knowledge about what individuals are blogging, Tweeting, and discussing in forums about their products, services and brands. Further, clients can learn from the “Buzz” enabling them to hear what consumers are saying about their brand, staff, products or services, making it possible for them to make changes to their business, marketing and advertising campaigns to better benefit their customer base and help to increase sales.

Brand Reputation Monitoring

Gain insight into what people are saying about your brand or industry in real-time. Our social media reporting experts interpret data to help your business understand sentiment and keywords surrounding your products and services.

Competitor Monitoring

Understanding how your competitors are progressing their content and marketing activity is key to improving your business’ output, streamlining your own efforts to match the changing expectations of the marketplace.

Threat Assessment Monitoring

Instant email automation can be set up to alert key members of your team to potential threats which could affect your business, providing an instant incentive to isolate situations or individuals that could prove detrimental to your business.

Employee Monitoring

Tracking what your staff are saying on social media can be an important part of any HR department, helping your business to address potential brand damage among your own employees as well as with your customers.

Investor Relations Monitoring

Our experts help your business to understand what investors and key financial commentators are saying about your business online, helping define messages for existing investor relations programmes.

We provide comprehensive 24/7 real-time reputation monitoring through our Social Media Customer Service and Crisis Management Centre where our specialists collect all relevant social media conversations to gain unique insights about our clients’ competitors, products and services. By monitoring the social media “Buzz” 24/7 around our clients, we are able to quickly bring to the client’s attention any negative comments that may be written on blogs or websites, helping to ensure that the client’s reputation is secure.

We provide real-time reporting, e-mail updates, instant key-word threat notification, daily, weekly and monthly monitoring reports as part of our real-time monitoring services.

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