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Social Media for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

No matter what size your business, we can help you harness the power of social media to reach new audiences. Our consultants help grow customer awareness for companies from SMEs to larger enterprise brands.

Our team of friendly social media training consultants are able to provide the necessary advice and training for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to leverage social media to help find new audiences and grow their business.

Through our bespoke mentoring, proactive engagement and platform development initiatives, we help SMEs to engage with current best practices, develop an online presence that grows new followers, gains website clicks and influences future sales.

Bespoke training packages are found to be particularly beneficial to SMEs, introducing business leaders to all aspects of social media that can benefit their organisations. From targeted advertising and campaign development to harnessing keyword monitoring and platform management, our consultants enable businesses of all sizes to maximise their output and increase success rates through all forms of online media.


Our consultants provide social media advice for all shapes and sizes of business, with a good understanding of how utilising the different online networks can help SMEs grow exponentially.

Platform development

Image and branding are just as important for SMEs as they are for larger enterprise companies. We offer advice to help you maximise the visual impact of your accounts.

Proactive engagement

We help businesses understand the benefits of being “social” on social media, engaging new audiences through proactive outreach, organically growing following and increasing sales.

Bespoke Training Courses

We offer a range of bespoke training courses suitable for any size business that is looking to explore the potential of developing a social media presence for marketing and customer service.

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