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Running a business in the 21st century? Or simply living and breathing in the 21st century? Either way we would imagine it more likely for you to have discovered, learned and executed the ability to fly than it is to have failed to acknowledge the unrivalled impact social media is having on business and society. Whether this be instigating revolution or simply offering live and unfiltered content the importance of SM to modern business is critical. Here are just a few invaluable tip bits for successful social media practice;

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CONTENT understanding the nature of your audience will influence and dictate the flavour of your content. The fact your ‘followers’ have decided to engage with you to start with suggests that the odds are common interests are shared. Therefore Adjacent Content can be used as an alternative to often over used ‘one way’ communication.

VOICE an opportunity for you to convey your brand. Voice is created and controlled through slightly more abstract features. Tone being one of them, communicated as a direct result of content. The consistency of your desired tone is crucial in establishing brand voice.

ENGAGEMENT arguably the most impactful aspect of social media, coming in two real flavours. The first being Content Strategy which refers to SM approach designed as a product of analysis of social data i.e. analytics. Secondly comes ‘Responding’ which is critical in the early stages of community construction. A chance for direct contact with your audience, allowing a further opportunity to build your brand.

A common mistake or misjudgement from a variety of businesses on SM however is to solely focus on one way engagement techniques. Be wary of falling into this trap! Understanding the importance of varying techniques in boosting your brand over social media is key to your business and perhaps more crucially your customers.

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