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Social Media Customer Service

We develop award winning social media customer care packages that engage new audiences, increase sales, and turn disgruntled customers into brand champions.

We are a world-leader in providing comprehensive social media customer service and pro-active engagement for our clients. Our customer service solutions have proven effective time and time again, reducing negative sentiment for one client by 21% in just three months.

Our dedicated Social Media Customer Service and Crisis Management Centre provides access to the most comprehensive database of social conversations with real-time multi-lingual world-wide coverage, collecting more than 20 million new posts every hour from across the numerous online channels.

Tasks are assigned to our social media specialists and with live activity update tracking of the communications, and entire customer histories instantly accessible, sharing with our team for quality of customer service and reporting is paramount.

24/7 Outsourced Social Media Customer Service

We answer social media queries 24/7 so you don’t have to! Our social media specialists work around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction at all hours of the day.

Social Media Pro-active Engagement

Our social media experts are trained in suitable tones of voice that can engage new audiences, and grow following through organic means.

Social Media Pro-active Sales

Through establishing keyword monitoring parameters, we can identify individuals who could benefit from your products or services, pro-actively reaching out to engage with existing conversations.

Social Media Customer Service Training 

Through our tailored four stage training packages, our social media experts are able to provide training for existing in-house teams, or develop new staff, ensuring a consistency of approach across all platforms.

Bespoke Service Centre

As Social Media Brand Experts, we offer the ability to design, build, and implement a social media service centre for your own team with the latest technology and up to date software.

We can identify, engage and establish relationships with bloggers and other online influencers to heighten the awareness of our clients’ brands. In real-time we can see response times and insight into team interactions with customers. This exposes trends in social engagement by day, time, and identifies any gaps in coverage for continual improvement.

Combined with our social media consultants, our teams are ideally placed to identify any crisis or potential crisis in real-time. As social media has increasingly become a news generation source for other key media forms, typically our specialists hear about any crisis that may affect one of our clients, on average, 90% sooner than through traditional means.

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