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Social Media Training

Our team of friendly social media training consultants are able to provide the necessary advice and training about opportunities and developments across the various social networks, and following best practices to achieve a range of goals.

As Social Media Brand Experts, we offer a range of bespoke training courses suitable for any business that is looking to explore the potential of both marketing and customer service on social media, understanding the effects it can have on their business and its bottom line.

We can provide training courses either at our facility or at a venue of your choosing, dependent on the size and scope of the project.

Through presentations, group discussions and case studies, clients learn about the purpose of social media, how it is applicable to B2B or B2C brands, and gain exposure to the latest engagement techniques and monitoring tools to build their company’s social media online presence.

Social Media Customer Service Training

We help our clients understand how social media can play a key role in developing a successful online strategy for providing quality customer service.

Employee Social Media Training

As our team of specialists regularly undergo industry relevant training, we can keep your existing employees abreast of the latest developments which affect the digital landscape.

Customer Engagement Training

As well as offering social media customer service, our consultants can provide the knowledge to engage a range of audiences, through content plan development and pro-active outreach.

Custom-built industry relevant training courses

We tailor our social media training programmes to meet the changing expectations of each industry, whether business or consumer facing.

Our training workshops are designed for individuals and departments within a business who wish to use the power of social media marketing and customer service to increase their brand presence and on-line sales. We provide training for HR departments, employees, management, and we specialise in social media customer service and engagement training.

Our dedicated consultants also undergo regular training and have a strong background in all areas of marketing communications, given content is such a key part in making social media work well. We will teach your staff that services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and Facebook are not just marketing platforms to be utilised by businesses and organisations, but are networking tools which would enable greater online interaction with existing and potential new customers.

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