How to be successfully proactive on social media!

The need to be present and active on Social Media is more important than ever before. However, we have now reached a point where having an online and social media presence is no longer enough.  Businesses now need to foster a deeper level of engagement with fans, as well as thinking of innovative strategies for growing their audiences.

A strategy that the team at Social Media Brand Experts feels is extremely effective is the use of proactive outreach, particularly on the real-time network Twitter. We are strong believers of monitoring and listening to social conversations regarding our clients, providing a clear base for reaching out to social media users, optimally providing a solution to existing consumer questions or issues.

Many social media users, especially Twitter users, ask their followers, or anyone who will listen, questions.’ Here at Social Media Brand Experts we have identified that there is a wealth of opportunity to reach out to those social media users and offer them a solution to their question.

We have the created the following tips to aid in your social media proactive outreach strategy planning and implementation:

  1. Be light-hearted and humorous

Where possible it is key to be light-hearted in your output and not take yourselves too seriously. Applying humour to a proactive interaction from a brand will aid in avoiding potentially negative responses from the customer. Through the use of humour you will also avoid sounding like you are simply utilising social networks to hard sell your product or services.

  1. Include a clear call-to-action

In order to ensure your proactive efforts serve a purpose and encourage the customer to respond, including a clear call-to-action is key. The best call-to-action to include would be a hyperlink to a relevant location on your website, such as a particular product or service that you feel would be right for them based on their existing social profile. Through the use of this hyperlink you are able to specifically direct the potential customer to a precise location on your site to relay further relevant messages. This also provides an opportunity to track how that particular individual responds when landing on the page to which you have directed them.

  1. Make the customer feel special

Making the customer feel “like a million dollars” is no strange concept to any business, however, with proactive outreach on social media it is more important than ever to consider this key part of the customer experience. Through flattery of the customer you are likely to drive further positive sentiment from the interaction, therefore increasing the probability of eliciting an overall favourable result from the interaction, hopefully then ending with a purchase or booking.

Social Media Brand Experts provide full bespoke and comprehensive social media solutions to suit all objectives and effectively drive engagement and sales. Your customers are already having conversations online about brands or the industry or sector in which your business operates. Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to raise brand awareness and broaden your audience.

As part of our Customer Engagement package we provide proactive social media outreach helping to increase sales and brand awareness. Contact the SMBE team by tweeting us at @SMB_Experts calling +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or emailing to discover how SMBE can further benefit your business.


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