Three reasons you should add video to your website!

Why-you-should-include-video-on-your-websiteIf your business has not embraced video yet – there are three good reasons to do so. Video can transform your website and make for a compelling proposition. Video instantly stimulates your senses, stays relevant across all devices and can invoke an emotional response and longer visiting times if embedded in your website.

Here are three reasons to add a video to your homepage;

  • Visitors stay on your website – visitors will stay longer on your website according to recent studies. Research shows that more than three out of five consumers will invest two minutes in a video that explains a product they are thinking of purchasing, whilst 37% will watch for over three minutes.
  • Easiest way to engagement – it’s a passive engagement to which people have become accustomed. You are not making them do anything more strenuous than watch a screen. It’s a comfort zone. Potential customers may not want to read much and why should they?
  • It’s fun! Videos are entertaining to watch. It can be great fun to make a video too and is very rewarding when the results translate to an excellent piece of film which has the power to show people your brand in a more exciting way than written text and static images.

With these three steps in mind, record a video and put it on your website! Only good can come from this for you and your business.

As you can see video can help to enhance your website. If you have any questions or want help in creating an effective video strategy for your website, contact the SMBE Production Team on, +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or through Twitter @SMB_Experts.

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