Tips on How to Gain Business Followers on Instagram

This blog will give you some quick tips on how to beef-up your Instagram account for your business.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where photos and videos are more ad-hoc or salesy, Instagram should be more creative, artsy, and special with an emphasis on visual quality. One of Instagram’s central mantras is to encourage people to “find beauty everywhere.” For your business this can be showing how you see the world beyond your corporate identify and sharing a visual glimpse into the products and or services not only through your eyes but the eyes of your customers.

Show Photos of Customers Enjoying your Products/Service

We all know that there is no better promotion for any business than showing images of existing customers enjoying your product and/or service through Instagram. For additional exposure and social proof of your brands appeal, feature brand specific photos based on any social @mention or hashtag to your blog, website or Facebook page with simple tools like followgram or Woobox.

People Love behind the Scenes

For those customer who love your brand and for those who want a sneak peek on how your product or service works, use Instagram to take photos of behind-the-scenes going ons at your: Corporate office, worker in the field, engineering facility, you get the idea, and share these inner workings of your brand creating greater intimacy with your customers.

Offer Tips!

A fun incentive for followers of your brand on Instagram is to offer tips on your products and/or services. There are two easy ways to show simple step-by-step instruction. First compose a single Instagram photo spilt into several frames, you can use two apps to achieve this Diptic or PicFrame to achieve this look and feel. Second you can demonstrate the steps to a short video clip. Remember, your picture/video instruction can be complimented by a further explanation in the Instagram text caption.

These are three quick tips on how to gain followers on your business Instagram account. These simple tips can help to rocket your following in just weeks. Next time we will look at some ideas on how to hold an effective Instagram contest for your business, again helping to drive followers to your account. For more information on how to use Instagram for business contact the Social Media Brand Experts on +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or email

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