Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts when promoting your Facebook Page


You must create content that is sharable

Any post you make, that is interesting and benefits your audience, is considered sharable content. When your Facebook fans share your post, two important things happen. It appears on their timeline and their friends’ news feeds, hence providing page exposure and getting new ‘likes’. Don’t be afraid to add your personality to your posts, people respond to a business or brand with a human approach.

Measure and make change

Good news, once you achieve 30 ‘likes’ you will be able to see your page ‘insights’. Don’t panic, the insights are easy to read and understand! The insights will tell you how your audience is responding to your content! It will tell you which posts are liked the most and their reach! See which ones are doing the best, then try to incorporate that style into future posts for greater reach.

Be conversational

People don’t like a once a week post or update, they love conversation and when you share what genuinely interested you! Your page should have a focus; a product, service or a specific interest! Remember it is about quality not quantity and you must respond to both good and bad feedback. Remember also, you can schedule posts on Facebook in case you get busy! Don’t forget – it is a conversation!



Mr, Mrs Formal – Not here!

It is time to be you! Say farewell to formalities and get ready to loosen up! Facebook is primarily there to catch up with friends, so if you are a business keep it friendly and personal. No one likes snob in the room, and the same goes for your Facebook page! Encourage interaction! Have a chat, don’t just push out information!

Don’t take credit if it is not yours!

This one is simple and straight forward. Don’t take credit for content or images that are not yours! Give reference to the content or image with a few words on where it came from, why you are sharing it and a link to the original content!

Don’t irritate your audience!

People can be quick to hit the “unlike” button! Your aim for personal or business is to be active; consistent and post regularly. If you do this people are less apt to ‘unlike’ you! When putting content on your Facebook page ask yourself, “would my audience find this interesting, would they share this and would they want it in their newsfeed?” and if the answer is ‘yes’ then go for it!

All the best,

The Social Media Brand Experts Team

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