Top Three Tips For A Successful Twitter Campaign

As of 2015 Twitter is home to 270 million active users worldwide. ( Making the network one of the biggest online marketing platforms in the world. Providing the perfect stage for a multitude of businesses to develop and grow. However this could only be achieved through effective strategy when it comes to running and managing campaigns. Exactly which effective strategy differs completely from business to business, although there are a few crucial aspects in laying the foundations of a successful Twitter campaign.


Having a clear understanding of your business goals in particular with regard to demographic, enables you to establish exactly the focus of your campaign. Once this has been outlined, strategy can begin as to the specific methods in which this audience can be best communicated with. Subject to the nature of your business, various Twitter tools can be applied to maximise the reach of the campaign.


Once the target audience has been established, audience reach becomes the next important aspect to utilize. Therefore identifying the necessary hashtags and mentionstrends and channels is essential to maximising the impact of the campaign. Hashtags being a key Twitter tool which allows subject matter to be filtered. Integrating the most effective #’s into a campaign ensure your material is being viewed by the right people at the right times. Additionally maximising the influence of a tweet can be found through ‘Mentions’, subject to the nature of your business and campaign the application of mentions will vary. By mentioning another person/company the potential reach can only increase with that source exposing your message to an entirely new audience.


Connectivity refers to the ways in which your campaign is interlinked with your product/service and social media channels.connectivity Ultimately ensuring your prior work and strategy does not go to waste. Once your strategy has been established, your reach maximised and a percentage of customers have accessed your campaign/material it then becomes critical to ensure that percentage is able to access your campaign in its entirety. This may include links to every other campaign related outlet such as a website, links to additional social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and additional information in relation to emails/subscriptions.

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