Using social media to think outside the box

Having a great Twitter feed is not only an excellent way of raising your online profile, it can also help boost traffic to your website, drive sales and also improve your relationship with your customers. Many company Twitter profiles are run either by marketing departments, customer care teams, or occasionally an intern who “knows a bit about social media”.

Many businesses follow this template for activity, but to really stand out of the crowd sometimes you have to really think outside the box. One of the more unusual approaches to using social media for developing brand strategy can be found at Chicken Treat.

Chicken Treat is an Australian fast food restaurant chain with 60 outlets, and has provided a variety of barbeque chicken dishes since it was founded in 1976. Instead of posting links to their current promotions, meal deals or new menu items, they have been been tweeting what seems to be gibberish. Believe it or not this represents a key part of their online strategy, as in an attempt to   stand out from the crowd they have given the management of their Twitter account to Betty, one of the chickens from their hen house!

Being a chicken, not only does Betty not speak any English, she doesn’t speak at all apart from making clucking noises, and almost certainly does not even know what she is doing on Twitter. However, she does write all of her own tweets. Due to a sprinkling of chicken feed onto her keyboard, she is encouraged to type whatever is on her mind. Using the hashtag #Chickentweet at the end of every tweet, Betty has gained a massivchicken tweete Twitter following despite her tweets making little to no sense at all.

Betty’s efforts at content generation have helped Chicken Treat gain over 37.5k followers, and the majority of tweets she pecks (rather than types) out are retweeted numerous times, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, a significantly higher level of interaction than many other businesses are able to achieve through more traditional methods of communication.

According to the introduction video on their YouTube page, Betty has had (perhaps unwittingly) received a degree of social media training, and she will be tweeting on Chicken Treat’s behalf until she types (pecks) a 5 letter word. Not only is that a great achievement for Betty to be the first hen with a computer in her coop, correctly typing a word of that length will also land her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Unfortunately she has so far only been able to type out one 3 letter word “Bum”, and so has been a couple of characters short of the World Record attempt.  Nevertheless, this is still a great achievement in terms of global chicken typing efforts!

With this definitely ‘outside the box’ approach and a fresh attempt at reaching new audiences, Chicken Treat has managed to improve brand awareness, but importantly, they have also managed to have some fun.

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