Video Ideas for your YouTube Business Account – Take 1

Video MarketingAt Social Media Brand Experts we know your videos for your personal YouTube channel will be very different than videos to promote your business products and services.

In this blog we will take a look at some quick tips to use video through YouTube to promote your business. So what type of content do I need for my videos, you might ask? A quick way to see what might work is to search and study YouTube videos within your business segment, take notes and use them to learn and inspire you!

Key Announcements!

Every business has key dates and announcements. Mark these events, such as your quarterly announcement, with a video from your CFO or CEO. Have a 100th Anniversary or celebrate your 10,000th customer with a video!

Product and Service Reviews

Rather than writing press releases showing people what your new product can do, compare it to other products via video demonstrations. Are you a service provider? Create video testimonials from happy customers! For examples of these types of videos search ‘YouTube for reviews’ on tablets, phones or food mixers!

Share Presentations, Interviews and your Staff

Show your market that you are human, not just some corporate image that hides behind a brand name. Use video to take them on a tour of your offices. Interview staff, ask them what they like best about the company both from a worker’s point of view and a customer’s point of view! Upload presentations of your CEO or a specialist within your business, or perhaps even an interview at a trade show. These videos bring a more human side and demonstrate that you have experts in your markets.

These are three quick tips for video ideas for your business. Not only do they bring your business to life, they give it character, increase brand awareness and also promote sales. As YouTube is owned by Google, if you give your videos good and relevant titles with good descriptions, it will increase your business’ SEO ranking.

On our YouTube channel, you will find various different types of videos that will give you some ideas for your business, everything from TED videos, animations and business introduction videos.

For more information on how videos can help drive sales and interest in your products and services, or if you have any questions or want help in creating an effective video marketing strategy, or even producing a video , contact Social Media Brand Experts (SMBE) on, +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or through Twitter @SMB_Experts.

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