Will Video Really make my website, blog or press release better received?

Video associated with your press releases can give you almost 500% better coverage than a text only press release… yes 500%!

We are reminded again and again that the art of public relations is just a little over 100-years old. This ‘art’ started with the simple act of promoting a product or service via a post or a line in the paper, it was ever so simple. However today, the likes of some journalists receive, on some days, over 100 press releases.  The internet has become saturated with millions of blogs, and websites can sometimes look pretty, but it does not go far beyond that simple premise.

Today we are going to look at how the use of video can help give your press release a greater impact, your blog more interesting, and your website with better brand awareness and sales potential.

Video and Press Releases

Research tells us that a press release with a photo will have a 30% better placement in a newspaper, journal, magazine or online. However those statistics go up to 500% when you associate a video with your press release. This video is not something you shoot with your smartphone, it needs to be properly crafted and delivered, and it needs to be linked to the content in your press release. Perhaps it is a testimonial or series of testimonials talking about your new service or perhaps a demonstration video of a new product you have launched, or it is a video of a CEO or CFO talking about the success its business has had in the latest quarter. Be creative, think innovatively! Create a story board for your video, don’t make it a hard sale, have it coincide with the content in the press release. Your video should be a camera shoot opening with your company name, then discuss three of the most important areas of the product/service followed by a reinforcement on the product/service, and finally close with a logo. Keep your background music soft and don’t overuse special effects. Keep it to about 1 minute. With these simple practices, your press release will see a rise in placements.

Video and Blogs

There are millions of blogs on the internet today, some good, some not so good, but there is a blog with an opinion on just about every topic out there! So what are you going to do to make your blog or your company’s blog stand out? Simple- use video. Employ the same tactics as you would for the press release but change two small things, keep the video to about 30 seconds. Studies show that people loose interest after 30 seconds when watching blog related videos. The second is to host it on YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google, so when you upload your video, make sure your title relates to the video, your description clearly says what the video is about using key words, and make sure you add key words in the ‘tags’ section below the description. Your video will have great SEO reach, thanks to Google, and your blog will have a greater reach as long as you embed that video in your blog with a link to the video in your blog.

Video and Websites

Finally your website. Your website can be transformed into an all-star site with the addition of video. Like the press release and the blog, video can tell a story about your products/services. Are you one of the best telecom providers, if yes, then do a short video of customers saying they are thrilled with your service and why. You can talk about your business all day, but when you have third party endorsements, then your service is as good as sold. Put the video on the homepage, people are far more apt to watch a video than read all the jargon on your site! Do you have a new product? Have a trade journalist do a new product review on video, if it is a good review post it on your website! Post your video on your YouTube channel; for additional SEO benefits and then embed the video on your website from YouTube to help move your website up the ranking list on Google and other search engines.

As you can see video can help to enhance your press releases, blogs and website. If you have any questions or want help in creating an effective video strategy, contact Social Media Brand Experts (SMBE) on query@socialmediabrandexperts.com, +44 (0) 2031 029 690 or through Twitter @SMB_Experts.

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